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There are three common eating disorders noted in our textbook. One of these disorders is called anorexia nervosa, and, according to Donatelle (2008), it is defined as an "eating disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with food, self-starvation, and/or extreme exercising to achieve weight loss” (p. 313). Our textbooks elaborate that the symptoms associated with anorexia is deliberate food restriction, chronic weight loss, purging what they do eat via regurgitation or laxatives, and never being satisfied by any instance of weight loss. Particularly with that undying insatiable weight loss self- requirement, people suffering from anorexia continue to "identify body parts that are 'too fat'” (Donatelle, 2008, p. 314). Donatelle (2008) divulges that among any psychological illness, "anorexia has the highest death rate ( 20 percent )” (p. 314). It seems that if someone is consistently losing weight and not even finding a satisfying medium or
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Unformatted text preview: center in regards to their optimum idea of a desired weight, this will cause them to delude reality and continually remain immovable in their insatiable pursuit of weight loss. Donatelle (2008) cites that “psychological, environmental, social and physiological factors can all be attributed to the development of eating disorders” (p. 315). With anorexia, it seems that one's environmental, psychological and social aspects are more prevalent factors relative to the development of this eating disorder. I have concluded that a person suffering from anorexia is typically distorted, psychologically, by their desire to make their bodies look better, based on often-exaggerated social standards that they believe should be appeased. References: Donatelle, R. (2009). Health: The Basics (8th ed.). San Francisco, California: Pearson Benjamin Cummings....
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