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The 20/20 video was very inspiring. It displayed the strength in the human will to succeed, improve and progress. After viewing this piece, I have learned that by incorporating both exercise and healthy eating habits, that excess fat and extra 'inches' on your waste that can turn eventually turn into a severe obesity case can be contained and attenuated without you even realizing it! It was amazing seeing those families drop those pounds in 8 weeks. I personally know people who have been 'exercising' and "dieting" for years and only lost like 15 pounds, maximum. This video excerpt clearly displays the following: Exercise coupled with healthy eating habits can definitely make
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Unformatted text preview: a huge difference on your journey to ideal and total wellness. Incorporating a fitness plan and a balanced diet into my lifestyle would definitely make me healthier, stronger, increased physical endurance in a lot of different ways, and it will make me feel better. Personally, I am about 5 feet, and 8 inches tall and I weigh about 150 to 155 pounds. As I mentioned in another discussion about the whole 'muscle' craze, I am not embarrassed to concede the fact that I would not mind being more toned . I believe that, for myself, making a fitness plan and indulging in a balanced diet can definitely help me reach that goal, but I slightly digress....
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