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According to Donatelle (2009), "we can define intimate relationships in terms of four characteristics: behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, emotional attachment, and emotional availability, (p. 117)." According to (p. 117), in order to "grow and truly experience all that life has to offer," we must take risks because "all relationships involve a degree of risk, (Donatelle, 2009)." More specifically, Donatelle (2009) follows up this notion by providing an example that displays how risk is a substantial factor in an aspect of social expression: "Self-disclosure can be a double-edged sword, for there is risk in divulging personal insights and feelings. If you sense that sharing feelings and personal thoughts will result in a closer relationship, you will likely take such a risk. But if you believe that the disclosure may result in rejection or alienation, you may not open up so easily (p. 121)." There is also the antonymous affect - According to Donatelle (2009), "the risk in not disclosing yourself to others is that you will lack intimacy in relationships (p. 121)."
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SCI162-intimate_relationships-DQ - According to Donatelle...

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