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Federalists Satow 1 Nicole Satow Craig Dicker HIS/301 October 27, 2011 Federalist Jason Madison had the most influence on the United States Constitution. He worked hard to develop and create a strong government. One of Madison struggles was dealing with “Factions”. Madison defines factions as a group of citizens, majority or minority, who were united and activated “by some common impulse of passion or of interest, adverse to the rights of others or the permanent and aggregate interest of the community.”   Factions also vary by size. Small or minority factions are curbed by democracy itself, since "the republican principle" con- fers equal voting power to each citizen. Madison believed that Factions came about from hu- man nature. Madison felt that although Factions could not be eliminated, he could find a way to keep the effects of factions under control. He believed that these effects could be easily con- trolled in a larger society with a representative form of government. He indicated to the Fac- tions that they would be apart of a democratic form of government in which majority rules. Madison believed that this would tame the Factions and cause them to work together as a team. Madison believed that a direct democracy was not the way to go and that it would force
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Federalist paper - Federalists Satow 1 Nicole Satow Craig...

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