Physics 2214 General Information Spring 2011

Physics 2214 General Information Spring 2011 - Physics 2214...

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Physics 2214 General Information Spring 2011 Physics 2214 is the final semester of a three-semester introductory physics sequence. It covers a wide range of topics essential to those interested in pursuing careers in science and engineering, and of direct relevance to understanding many aspects of modern technology. Specific topics covered include oscillations, mechanical waves (strings, sound, seismic), electromagnetic waves (radio waves, light, X-rays), optics (lenses, mirrors, image formation), interference and diffraction, and quantum physics. We will use vector calculus and the complex representation of sinusoidal functions. Our emphasis is on developing your scientific literacy, i.e., your familiarity with the day-to-day language and concepts used by science and engineering professionals; on developing specific problem-solving skills; and on developing your ability to formulate questions and solve problems both on your own and as part of a team. Lecturer: Prof. Csaba Csaki, 469 Physical Sciences Building,, 4-8935 Senior Staff: Prof. Glenn Fletcher, 101 Clark Hall,, 255-8158 Dr. Florian Loehl, 375 Wilson Laboratory,, 255-8778 For general course questions, corrections to and errors on homework assignments, comments on lectures and recitations, help with study habits, and personal emergencies, contact Csaki or Fletcher. For questions about registration, grades and records, contact Fletcher. For questions about labs, contact Loehl. For questions about homework solutions, contact Fletcher. For questions about exam room assignments and make-up exams, contact Fletcher. For physics questions about homework, lab, coop, etc., contact any TA. (Office hours of all staff are open to all students.) For help with study habits, homework and exam strategies, and general questions about how to improve your performance, please contact Csaki or Fletcher. For issues involving TAs (grading consistency, quiz difficulty, etc.), please contact Csaki. For issues involving academic integrity, including copying of homework and use of unauthorized materials in exams, please contact Csaki. Note: Please don't expect individual or immediate responses to emails. Faculty typically receive 40 to 80 emails a day, most of which request responses from us, and we can't possibly answer all of them. If at all possible, please try to talk with us just before or just after lecture, or during our office hours, or else use the on-line Anonymous Feedback form. We will try to issue responses to the entire class for issues you raise of general interest.
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Course Information/Communication Official course website:, and follow the instructions to select PHYS2214-CSAKI-SPRING2011. This site will contain announcements and copies of all handouts and solutions. We will also be making extensive use of email to notify you of late
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Physics 2214 General Information Spring 2011 - Physics 2214...

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