Blocher4e - December for December inventory purchases.”...

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Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis , 4e Blocher, Stout, Cokins and Chen Correction to Multiple Choice Testbank Questions Chapter Corrections 3 66: replace answer B with “product design costs”; replace answer E with “advertising costs” 4 50: correct answer is C and not E 52: answer E should be $1,339,300. 53: answer B is correct and not answer C 5 126: answer A is correct and not answer C 7 44: replace answer A with “desired profit” 8 2: should be answer D and not answer C 70: should be answer E and not answer A 73: answer D should be $67,995; and the question should state: “…in
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Unformatted text preview: December for December inventory purchases. .” 10 19: the correct answer is B and not A; also, replace answer C with “purchasing and manufacturing” 13 138: in answer B replace “$19,270” with “$18,800” 17 44: replace answer B with $1,193 45: replace answer D with $1,252 54: correct answer is C and not D 19 13: replace “fairness” with “motivation” in the question 14: replace answer B with “ Payback period”...
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