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ECE 3331 Spring 2010 Sample Output ********************************************************* Passage Number 1 I entway otay hetay animalay airfay, hetay irdsbay anday eastsbay ereway heretay. heTay igbay aboonbay, ybay hetay ightlay ofay hetay oonmay, asway ombingcay ishay auburnay airhay.// ********************************************************* Passage Number 2 tI(It) looked(ookedl) yextremel(extremely) rocky(ockyr) for(orf) the Mudville(udvilleM) nine(inen) that day(ayd); The score stood two to(ot) four(ourf), with(ithw) but(utb) na(an) ginnin(inning) left(eftl) to(ot) play. So(oS),
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Unformatted text preview: when Cooney(ooneyC) died(iedd) ta(at) second(econds), dan(and) Burrows(urrowsB) did(idd) the same(ames), a pallor(allorp) wreathed the features(eaturesf) fo(of) the patrons(atronsp) fo(of) the game(ameg).// ********************************************************* Passage Number 3 Itay asway hetay choonersay esperusHay, hattay ailedsay hetay intryway easay; anday hetay kippersay adhay akentay ishay ittlelay aughterday, otay earbay imhay ompanycay.// ******************************************** That is all!...
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