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Jessica Parrotta 11/13/07 Lecture Notes I.Thermoregulation A. Ectotherms (ecto= outside) 1. take temperature of environment B. Endotherms 1. what we are, because we maintain a stable temperature and rate of diffusion C. Heterotherms 1. hetero=different, whereas homo=same, gain heat from outside and within D. Thermodynamics (thermo=warmth) 1.core temperature- maintain heat when energy is lost as heat, or gained-food E. Nature cannot regulate heat 1.small birds a.torpor b.hummingbird (heterotherm) has to be early to get worm or it dies 1. high metabolic rate, therefore needing frequent maintenence- food a.babies 1. high surface area for their volume so temperature diffuses sooner 2. adults have much more volume and less surface area II. Sensory Memory A.Atkinson and Shiffrin model 1.memory is a big filter, information not repeated is let go 2. visual and auditory can move to short-term memory (STM) if used 3. STM has limited storage space of 7 facts on average, rapid memory decay 4. STM aka working memory and can be moved to LTM, long-term memory, if used
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