cp20710 - From simp1: n=4, sum=85.577482 From simp1: n=8,...

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Alan Drummond acdrummond@uh.edu ECE 3331 Spring 2007 Section BLAH Project #2 The purpose of this project is to find the net shear force at the edge of a wing. The wing length is 16.250000 meters. The wing width is 2.200000 meters. The convergence criterion for Simpson's 1/3 integration is 0.001000. The limit on the subintervals for Simpson's 1/3 integration is 512. From simp1: n=2, sum=77.928920
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Unformatted text preview: From simp1: n=4, sum=85.577482 From simp1: n=8, sum=82.949937 From simp1: n=16, sum=86.233922 From simp1: n=32, sum=85.091747 From simp1: n=64, sum=85.817302 From simp1: n=128, sum=85.511374 From simp1: n=256, sum=85.683857 From simp1: n=512, sum=85.604488 The net shear force was calculated as 85.604488 We required 34181 evaluations of P(x,y)....
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