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Cat Who Knew Shakespeare 19200 (null) Books sorted by author: Grafton, Sue E is for Epidemic P 9536 9616 Sayers, Dorothy In the Teeth of the Evidence P 9616 9800 Hillerman, Tony Talking God P 9800 9704 Sprinkle, Patricia Who Left that Body in the Rain? P 9704 9952 Burke, James In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead P 9952 9872 Gilman, Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax Pursued P 9872 10056 Baum, Lillian Cat Who Wasn't There P 10056
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Unformatted text preview: 10136 Lathen, Emma Double, Double, Oil & Trouble P 10136 18632 Francis, Dick Decider P 18632 10224 Marsh, Ngaio Man Lay Dead P 10224 18776 Baum, Lillian Cat Who Saw Stars P 18776 18680 Lockridge, Richard & Frances Death Takes a Bow H 18680 18936 Crider, William A Knife in the Back H 18936 18856 Hillerman, Tony People of Darkness P 18856 19200 Baum, Lillian Cat Who Knew Shakespeare P 19200 19016...
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