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Reading 6? Fresh Lipstick: Rethinking Images of Women in Advertising -Over 100 years feminists believe thought of beautiful appearance= low self-esteem and is a symptom of political oppression -causes problems because must look against the beauty, like ad with Monroe -we are often measured, often by things we can’t control -she should be measured by things she can control, like who she is and is trying to become -beauty from within is another problem, exercise over make-up -feminists often advocate this but it can be followed to a path of distruction -one way of beauty can be more natural and more healthy thanothers -Moore and Champ: Nike’s women team -evoked tons of harmfulness in early ads and included showing real women -going after myths, rejecting them -had been there themselves -oddly feminist go after cosmetic companies (the exception to the white male phenomenon) -must founders of cosmetic companies were woman
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Unformatted text preview: -cosmetic ads are how women should look yet they were designed by women and hurt them-models also involved in the beauty cultures texts-beauty often used for economic gain now-revlon and covergirl, shows challenge of understanding how images speak-revlon in 1950s modern women-covergirl, hexachlorophene and natural look-beauty is not just to attract men but has economic and psychic benefits-beauty is symbol of oppression but at the same time the reality of power Im Not Fat, Im Latina-40% Hispanic and African American women overweight-they live in 2 worlds, at home acceptance, others thing they are fat-like body now but in high school hated it-went into Aztec palace and was the size of priestesses-culturally accept being over weight-food central part of culture, bien cuidada(well cared for) Body Politic-...
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