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page 1 of Signature:____________________ DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO ELEE 3331 FINAL EXAM Fall 1997 I.Indicate the output that would be produced by each of the following. Consider each case separately. A.(10pts) #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> main( ) {char s[ ]="Algernon",t[20]="Timbuktu"; printf("%c\n",s[2]); ANSWERS printf("%s\n",&s[2]); g printf("%d\n",strncmp(s,"Algeria",5)); gernon printf("%s\n",strcpy(t,strstr(s,"no"))); 0 printf("%d\n",strlen(t)); non } 3 output: B.(3pts) #include <stdio.h> ANSWERS main( ) 4.3 ,+1.23 {float x = 4.26,y=1.2345,z=0.00000421; 4.21e-006 printf("%-6.1f,%+.2f\n%.2e",x,y,z);} output: C.(8pts) #include <stdio.h> main( ) {int i = 3,j=11,k=4; float a = 2.4,b=5,x,y; x = j/i; y = a++*b; k += 25%j*3+4; ANSWERS printf("%f %f %f %d",x,y,a,k);} 3.000000 12.000000 3.400000 17 output: D.(10pts) #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int fun1(int ,int *); void fun2(int *,int ); main ( ) {int a=4,b=2,c=5; fun2(&a,b); printf("%d %d\n",a,b); c = fun1(a,&b); ANSWERS printf("%d %d %d",a,b,c);} 18 2 18 16 6 int fun1(int x,int *y) {int c = 3; if(x<=0) return(*y+c++); else { *y = abs(x-*y); c= fun1(x-5,&c);} return(c);} void fun2(int *x,int y) {int a,b;
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page 2 of a = *x+5; b = y-a; *x = a-b+y;} II. Write the C statements necessary to do each of the following. Do not write complete programs. Unless otherwise indicated, assume variables have been appropriately declared and values assigned.
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sfex9750 - page 1 of Signature:_ DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLET...

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