cp1 - CompileCpp=0 Folder= Compile=1 Link=1 Priority=1000...

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[Project] FileName=cp1.dev Name=program1 UnitCount=1 Type=1 Ver=1 ObjFiles= Includes= Libs= PrivateResource= ResourceIncludes= MakeIncludes= Compiler= CppCompiler= Linker= IsCpp=0 Icon= ExeOutput= ObjectOutput= OverrideOutput=0 OverrideOutputName= HostApplication= Folders= CommandLine= UseCustomMakefile=0 CustomMakefile= IncludeVersionInfo=0 SupportXPThemes=0 CompilerSet=0 CompilerSettings= [Unit1] FileName=cp1.c
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Unformatted text preview: CompileCpp=0 Folder= Compile=1 Link=1 Priority=1000 OverrideBuildCmd=0 BuildCmd= [VersionInfo] Major=0 Minor=1 Release=1 Build=1 LanguageID=1033 CharsetID=1252 CompanyName= FileVersion= FileDescription=Developed using the Dev-C++ IDE InternalName= LegalCopyright= LegalTrademarks= OriginalFilename= ProductName= ProductVersion= AutoIncBuildNr=0...
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