Water impact our food security a lot

Water impact our food security a lot - is a lesser cause of...

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Jianchen Shao Water Impacts Our Food Security a Lot W ater is the key ingredient to food security. Developing countries, who have better access to water, tend to have lower levels of undernourishment and lack of water can cause famine and undernourishment, especially in places where human beings depend on local agriculture for food and commerce. W hat will cause water to impact food emergencies? According to the FAO water and food security report, climate is an important element that will cause food shortage. Drought ranks as the single most common cause of severe food shortages in developing countries. Due to poor living habitat and dry conditions, Africa has the highest prevalence of hunger. On the contrary, floods can also influence food shortage. India, who has more than 70% of annual rainfall during the monsoon season; the farmers have been contended with water over abundance during many years. Floods can also influence food shortage. But since floods do not occur frequently, this
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Unformatted text preview: is a lesser cause of short food supply. According to data from the FAO, irrigation used in Sub- Saharan Africa is the least in the world, which directly leads to a high percentage of total population undernourishment. S ince water is one of the most important things to food security, which reflects our company’s goals, that is to monitor global environmental conditions, therefore, we should focus on areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and encourage the use of irrigation. We should alert people not to waste any useable water; using and managing the world’s water efficiently is everybody’s business. We should take responsibility for our choices, for they could alter the way of the world’s use of our limited water resources. Water is highly related to our food, which means it is of the greatest importance of our lives. Jianchen Shao Source: http://www.fao.org/ag/agal/aglw/watertour/index_en.htm...
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Water impact our food security a lot - is a lesser cause of...

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