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LA101 Matthew Kirkwood, Assistant Professor Introduction to Landscape Architecture Office: 214A AGH Phone:6-2465 Fall 2009 Office Hours: by appointment Hours: 10:30-12:20 Tuesday 10:30-11:20 Thursday ______________________________________________________________________________________ Final Project - Design Philosophy Poster Introduction: ______ Developing a Design Philosophy is critical for successful landscape architects. As landscape architects we create or perhaps recreate environments in which people interact. Our motivation might be to entertain, to educate, provide relaxation, or provide useable spaces for our clients. We, as designers need to be cognoscente of our motivation. Requirements: Develop a poster 18” x 24” that clearly defines your design philosophy. Throughout the semester we will discuss several topics that will influence your philosophy (all of which may be valid). The poster shall include the following o What are the covenants for your design philosophy
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Unformatted text preview: o What is your motivation for your design philosophy (value of diversity) o Who are your clients o What is the benefit to society o What would you like to accomplish o Why choose this philosophy over others o What is your design strategy o What methods do you have to measure a successful design o Give examples of projects that you would produce o Predicted changes of design philosophy (your future) Format: To develop consistent poster quality you are required to assemble your work in a software package that you can print out in our lab. You can use one of several software packages that we have in our labs. I will introduce you to and demonstrate of few of those programs. To create a visual pleasing and complete poster please include the following. Introduction/abstract Narrative descriptions Drawings/diagrams Photographs (your own of course) Bibliography if necessary Credit statement Due Date: See syllabus...
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