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LA 101 Matthew Kirkwood, Assistant Professor Introduction to Landscape Architecture Office: 214A HORT Phone: 6-2465 Fall 2009 Office Hours: by appointment Hours: 10:30-12:20 Tuesday; 10:30-11:20 Thursday (HORT 117) SYLLABUS - Introduction to Landscape Architecture Prerequisites None Class Description The material presented in LA 101 will comprise a broad overview of the profession of landscape architecture. The course maintains three primary goals: 1. To provide students in a career in landscape architecture with an appropriate knowledge base with which to make an informed career choice. 2. To introduce the profession of landscape architecture to students outside of the profession who might apply its social and environmental principles of design to other fields, or who may be future consumers of landscape architecture services. 3. To provide students learning experiences applicable to landscape architecture. Academic Objectives This course is an overview of the designed landscape. The designed landscape refers to the discipline of Landscape Architecture and pertains to many aspects of the landscape architectural profession - public and private landscapes - those that have been designed and altered substantially, those of conservation, and those of preservation. Social, cultural, and ecological practices and attitudes that are reflected in the creation of space will be visited through this course while looking at key landscape architects. A relatively young profession, landscape architecture still suffers from many public misconceptions, or just plain obscurity. Yet, as a profession, it clearly offers significant social and environmental solutions to the development and maintenance of both the natural and industrialized world. Landscape Architecture is "the art-or science, if preferred-of arranging land, together with the spaces and objects upon it, for safe, efficient, healthful, pleasant human use." The title Landscape Architect was first used by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux when they won the design competition for Central Park in New York City in 1858. "They professed themselves 'landscape architects,' inventing the name to convey their intent to bear toward the total landscape the same relation that an architect bears toward a building, with essential emphasis on design." Newton, Norman T. Design on the Land
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Course Objectives The purpose of this course, as an entry level experience in the landscape architecture curricula, is to 1) establish an understanding of the design process and an appreciation of the environment in which it is used by landscape architects and designers, and 2) to establish competence in using the vocabularies of graphic systems, design process documentation, landscape ecology, and basic design within the context of landscape architecture. LA 101 is part of a sequence and a prerequisite for any future courses in Landscape Architecture.
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SYL_LA101_F09 - LA 101 Introduction to Landscape...

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