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LA101 Matthew Kirkwood, Assistant Professor Introduction to Landscape Architecture Office: 214 AGH Phone:6-2465 Fall 2009 Office Hours: by appointment Hours: 10:30-12:20 Tuesday 10:30-11:20 Thursday [email protected] [email protected]_____________________ Second Assignment – West Lafayette Water Front Design ______________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: In chapter 1-3 of the text book, we learn the importance of climate within the landscape. The book highlights several components of climatic change within a landscape. The last two months of Landscape Architecture features several designs responding to climate and topography and includes water. You are to select a design from either issue of LAM and discuss how the design responds to climate and landform and also includes water. You should include why elements were located with this in mind and how that is important to the overall design. Why did the design use water (chapter 4)?
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