MIT18_100BF10_pset1 - property? 4 . (a) Prove that the eld...

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18.100B : Fall 2010 : Section R2 Homework 1 1 n Due Tuesday, September 14, 11am Reading: Thu Sept.9 : ordered sets and fields, Rudin 1.1-31 . 1 . Suppose that S is a set and p is a relation on S with the following properties: For all x S , x p x . For all x, y S , if x p y and y p x then x = y . For all x, y, z S , if x p y and y p z , then x p z . Define a new relation on S by x y iff x p y and x = n y . Does this define an order conforming to Definition 1.5 in Rudin? If so, prove it; if not, exhibit a counterexample. 2 . Exercise 6, p. 22 of Rudin. [Here b > 1 is an element of R and you may use the ‘definition’ of R as ordered field with least upper bound property. Then recall that y = x is defined n as solution of y = x, y 0 .] 3 . (Exercise 9 p. 22 of Rudin – lexicographic order) For complex numbers z = a + bi C and w = c + di C define “ z < w ” if either a < c or if ( a = c and b < d ). Prove that this turns C into an ordered set. Is this an ordered field? Does it have the least-upper-bound
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Unformatted text preview: property? 4 . (a) Prove that the eld Q of rational numbers has the Archimedean property. (b) Compare the least upper bound property with the Archimedean property which one is stronger? Why? 5 . Review the logic of a proof by induction. (The not always reliable wikipedia gives a good explanation in this case.) (a) Prove that (1 + 2 + + n ) 2 = 1 3 + 2 3 + + n 3 for each n N . (b) Find a proof of the Bernoulli inequality: (1 + x ) n 1 + nx for all x R , x 1 and n N , n 2 . (not for credit) Show that strict inequality (1 + x ) n &gt; 1 + nx holds unless x = 0 . MIT OpenCourseWare 18.100B Analysis I Fall 2010 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: ....
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MIT18_100BF10_pset1 - property? 4 . (a) Prove that the eld...

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