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E7 Molecular Shape

E7 Molecular Shape - EXPERIMENT 7 Molecular Shape and...

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EXPERIMENT 7 Molecular Shape and Polarity Write the answers to these pre-laboratory questions in your lab notebook. Answers to these questions are due at the beginning of your lab section during the week of October 24–28. A Note About Indicating Dipole Moments When using an arrow on a molecular structure to indicate the direction of a dipole moment, which way does the arrow point? In the textbook (for example, Section 7-11 on page 226), the convention used is that the point of the arrow points towards the more positive end of the dipole. However, a commonly used convention, which the Lab Manual uses (for example, Figure 7.2 on page 44), has the point of the arrow pointing towards the more negative end of the dipole and puts a + at the end of the arrow at the more positive end. Both arrow conventions are presenting the same information, albeit in opposite directions. Which arrow convention should you use when indicating dipole moments? To be
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