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Unformatted text preview: ENG 1158: Linked Stories Laurel Lathrop Developing a Thesis Developing a thesis is an extension of close reading. Roughly defined, a thesis is an arguable statement about a text that can be supported by evidence found via close reading. It is the anchor for the type of essay-writing you will do in this class. Remember: Close reading is the process by which we 1.) observe , 2.) analyze , and 3.) draw meaningful conclusions about a text. This concept applies not only to close reading practices, but to the development of a thesis as well. Developing a thesis is like moving from the first story of a building to the second, then from the second to the third. On the first story , you observe the various “facts” about a text. This is basically reading comprehension. You develop an awareness of imagery, style, character development, etc.. Let’s comprehension....
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