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Server Type - Server Type There are several tasks for...

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Server Type There are several tasks for server in a network. All these tasks could be done by one server, or a separate server for each tasks. Server is dedicated to performing specific tasks in support of other computers on the network. File Server File servers offer the services, which are the network applications that store, retrieve, and move data. With a file server, users can exchange, read, write, and manage shared files and the data contained in them. There are three ways to store a file on networks. They are online, offline, and near-line storage. Online storage consists of hard drive storage. Hard drive is very fast but expensive so the most current and frequently needed information is stored. The common offline storage devices are data tape and removable optical disks. It is the most disadvantage of offline storage that a person must retrieve the disk or tape and mount it on the server. This type of storage is best for data that is rarely used and for data backup. Near-line storage uses a machine, such as a tape carousel or
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