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Bibliography assignment 3109978

Bibliography assignment 3109978 - 13(1 57-64 Hill J Winger...

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INFO1010 BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT BIBLIOGRAPHY Bellomo, M. (2006) The Stem Cell Divide: The Facts, the fiction, and the fear driving the greatest scientific, political, and religious debate of our time. New York: AMACOM Wilmut, I. (2006) After Dolly: The uses and misuses of human cloning. London: Little, Brown. Zhang, Y, Shen, W, Sun, B, Lv, C & Dou, Z. (2011). Plascticity of Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human First-Trimester Fetus: From Single-Cell Clone to Neuronal Differentiation. Cellular Reprogramming (Formerly “Cloning and Stem Cells),
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Unformatted text preview: 13(1), 57-64. Hill, J, Winger, Q, Jones, K, Keller, D, King, W.A & Westhusin, M. (1999). The Effect of Donor Cell Serum Starvation and Oocyte Activation Compounds on the Development of Somatic Cell Cloned Embryos. Cloning and Stem Cells, 1(4), 201-208. Vogel, F (2001) Human Genetics: The Molecular Revolution and Its Ethical Consequences. International Journal of Human Genetics. 1(1), 1-9. Genetics Ethics (2011) retrieved from http://cbhd.org/category/issues/genetics Michael Read 3109978...
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