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Practice Word Instructions20090122 - INFO1010 INTRODUCTION...

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INFO1010 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY PRACTICE WORD TEST Instructions 1. Copy the file PracticeWordText.docx from Blackboard, or from P: \Info1010\Practice\Practice Word Test, to My Documents, and rename the file using your class time and student number as the filename. For example: MON9_9812342. 2. You are required to make changes to this document as specified below. The finished document is shown in the pdf file CompletedWordPracticeTest; you should use this as a guide to how your document should look when complete. If particular formatting is not specified in these instructions, use the default formatting. 3. Don’t forget to SAVE your work often. Question 1 a) Set the top margin of your document to 2.0cm, the bottom margin to 2.0cm, the left margin to 2.5cm, and the right margin to 2.0cm. b) Create a header and footer as shown in CompletedWordPracticeTest, ensuring that they are not displayed on the first page. (Insert your own name and student ID in the header.) c) Insert a page break after the words: ‘Learn about customizing toolbar buttons.’. d)
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Practice Word Instructions20090122 - INFO1010 INTRODUCTION...

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