PHIL1020.Outline.2011 - Central Coast Campus Chittaway Road...

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Unformatted text preview: Central Coast Campus Chittaway Road Ourimbah NSW 2258 Room: HO1.43 Humanities Building Phone: 4349 4934/4348 4323 Fax: +61 2 4348 4075 Email: Hours: 8:30am 5:00pm Newcastle Campus University Drive, Callaghan 2308 Room: MC127 McMullin Building Phone: +61 2 4921 5213 Fax: +61 2 4921 6933 Email: Hours: 9:00am 5:00pm Port Macquarie Campus Cnr. Oxley Highway & Widderson Street Port Macquarie 2444 Room: Hours: 9:00am 5:00pm Phone: Fax: +61 2 XXXX XXXX Email: Course Coordinator Dr Joe Mintoff Email: Consultation hours: By appointment only Phone: 02 4921 5181 Fax: 02 4921 6933 Room: MC114 Semester Semester 1 - 2011 Unit Weighting 10 Teaching Methods Lecture, Tutorial Brief Course Description Introduces students to areas, themes or problems in philosophy in a manner designed to provide them with a basic grasp of the nature and scope of the discipline. Contact Hours Lecture for 2 Hours per Week for the Full Term Tutorial for 2 Hours per Fortnight for the Full Term Tutorials begin week 2 Lecture begins week 1 Learning Materials/Texts Students are required to have a copy of the following two texts, which contain the reading material for both parts of the course: Morality and Ethical Theory : Mintoff, J (ed), Morality and Ethical Theory , (School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2011), available from the Fuji-Xerox Print Centre (not the Bookshop) at the Shortland Union. Existentialism : the main readings for Existentialism are available through Auchmuty Library Short loans on-line. Course Objectives (1) Impart to students familiarity with, and knowledge of, the main issues addressed and approaches taken by philosophers. (2) Impart to students, critical skills to deal with these issues and employ these approaches in their assessment of their own culture and societal life, and in thinking about their own personal lives. (3) Develop high level written and oral skills in analysing and presenting philosophical issues. (4) Develop a capacity to appreciate the philosophical positions involved in how people approach ways of living and evaluating life situations. Course Content Course Outline Issued and Correct as at: Week 1, Semester 1 - 2011 CTS Download Date: 7 Feb 2011 Faculty of Education and Arts School of Humanities & Social Science COURSE OUTLINE PHIL1020: Philosophy 1A Callaghan Course Overview Specific content will vary from year to year, and typically covers two major philosophical areas, themes or problems. The course may focus on one particular philosophy, for instance Plato, or it may survey several under a selected theme, such as freedom and responsibility, or under a selected problem, such as the nature of mind....
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PHIL1020.Outline.2011 - Central Coast Campus Chittaway Road...

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