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c3109978 Michael Read Assignment 1

c3109978 Michael Read Assignment 1 - The Frailties of...

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The Frailties of Cognitive Development: Comparing Fragile X to Normally Developing Children Background/Introduction Fragile X can be considered a learning difficulty that arises from broken or fragile parts of the X chromosome. In this report, the aim is to outline the differences in learning and cognitive ability in subjects that are affected by Fragile X, and those that are not. By researching and analysing the drawings of young children with and without the condition, we can effectively note the difference in general awareness at important ages and stages during a childs cognitive development. Piaget argued that children are incredibly developmental at certain stages of their childhood in comparison to others, with the 7 - 11 bracket being the first signs of developing logic thought, an important part of drawing and creativity. The study will show that this is true, by enforcing the ideal that when the creative mind booms, those with Fragile X will be left behind intellectually.
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