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Learning Forensic Psychology - Tut 5 - Learnt about ethics when considering the law - Situations that arise in a forensic psychology setting - discussed and spoke of jobs and locations of work for forensic psychology - learnt about the different fields of forensic psychology - the decision making process behind ethics, especially in tough moral situations - discussed the Psychological descriptions of celebrities and sporting stars in groups of two, decided upon their characteristics and compared ideas - played a small game to figure see how good our descriptions were - discussed principles and and values in serious forensic situations, how we would and could deal with them, how we would make our decisions and what decisions we would make - compared our decisions on the story of H.S the forensic Psychologist - Spoke briefly about the assignment and what it involved. Health Psychology - Tut 6 - Reviewed and spoke of homework regarding the Health Professional Councils Authority and then discussed TPQs and our thoughts and answers to these - Conducted an individual task on our thoughts on the harm levels of marijuana, then joined in to a group and discussed our reasonings for our decisions and tried to enlighten each other on our knowledge and thoughts on the subject. - Ethical analysis over the idea of seeing someone in secret for the benefit of a client who wants help for someone else. What would we do in this situation? What is right or wrong? - Discussed ideals of ethics in situations, what is right in our minds is not necessarily what is right in an ethical sense. - Spoke at length about the difference in our opinions over the first individual task, why we thought this way and how we could justify feeling this way. Great points raised and many ideals learnt and figured out. - Spoke briefly about the assignment and what it involved.
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Neuropsychology - Tut 7 - Discussed TPQs, our answers and our thoughts, where we went wrong or right and how we could better answer and prepare in the future. - Had a tutorial discussion over what is Neuropsychology and the concepts of reliability and validity behind it. - Spoke also about how it relates and how it is important to other parts of Psychology. - Group task was a case study about how to keep the barrier between personal and family relationships and work. How it can affect personal relationships and the ideal of keeping work and home life separate. - Answered questions to follow up and back up this above theory. - Another group task helped us to learn about the issues surrounding Neuropsychology and what it entails. The bad parts as well as the good parts of a job. How to deliver bad news and the realisation that the job can bring a lot of pain to those diagnosed. Great class discussion aroused plenty of interest in the subject. -
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