2110syllabus-fall11- - SMPA 2110W INTRODUCTION TO NEWS WRITING REPORTING Fall 2011 s Tuesday/Thursday 9:35 to 10:50 a.m s SMPA Building B01

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Fall 2011 Tuesday/Thursday, 9:35 to 10:50 a.m. SMPA Building, B01 INSTRUCTOR Becky Sher, [email protected] or [email protected] AIM: beckysher cell: (301) 651-1587 office hours: Before and after class, and by appointment INTRODUCTION The main goal of this course is to provide the basic foundation you’ll need to write well for print media. But, if all goes well, it should do much more than that. By the end of the course, you will: Write strong news stories on a variety of topics, including campus and local news, student life and personality profiles. Understand how to write a strong news lede. Understand the basics of grammar, style, spelling and punctuation, to give your writing a strong foundation. Be familiar with the processes essential to good journalism, including observing, reporting, interviewing and revising. Have the tools to tackle the ethical issues that journalists face. Be introduced to the range of careers available in the field, including, but not limited to, reporting. Pick up good habits that will improve your writing, whether or not you choose to pursue a career in journalism. Writing well takes practice. A lot of practice. So, in this course, that’s what we’ll do. The course will be a workshop , not a straight lecture class. You will take what you learn in the classroom and put it to use, both in homework assignments and in-class writing activities. You will critique your classmates’ writing, and the writing of journalists who write for campus, local and national newspapers. REQUIRED TEXTS “Writing and Reporting News,” by Carole Rich “The Associated Press Stylebook” In addition to assigned reading in your textbooks, you are expected to read The Washington Post every day. You may read it online, but plan to read the print edition many days as well to get an idea of story play, photographs, etc. You also should read every issue of The GW Hatchet and other campus publications, and plan to regularly visit the Web sites of The New York Times, your hometown newspaper and other news sources. (See more under “News quizzes,” below.)
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ATTENDANCE Attendance isn’t optional. This is a writing workshop; if you don’t attend the classes, you won’t learn the material. Two unexcused absences or missed deadlines will automatically drop you a letter grade. I understand that there are legitimate reasons for you to miss class, including illness and emergency, but I will be picky about which
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2110syllabus-fall11- - SMPA 2110W INTRODUCTION TO NEWS WRITING REPORTING Fall 2011 s Tuesday/Thursday 9:35 to 10:50 a.m s SMPA Building B01

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