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Variance Deviation Score Variability 5. What is the relationship between central tendency and variability? Central tendency and variability represent different characteristics of a distribution. Distributions of scores can have identical variability but different central tendencies. Distributions can also have identical central tendencies but different variability. However, measures of variability can help to interpret measures of central tendency. The standard deviation is the most easily interpreted measure of variability because it (C) Is in the original units of measurement. The symbol used for the population variance is ___ and the symbol used for the population standard deviation is ___. ( D
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Unformatted text preview: 29 σ 2 ; σ “s” or the estimated standard deviation for the population n-1 divide by 1. List and describe four characteristics shared by all normal distributions. Symmetrical (shape is identical above and below the mean), unimodal (only one mode, which is equal to the mean), asymptotic (possible values continue to infinity at each extreme/tail end), continuous (infinite possible values between scores) 2. What does a standard score represent? The number of standard deviation units that a score falls above or below the mean. 3. True/False: Turning a whole distribution of raw scores into standard scores will make the distribution normal, even if the raw scores are skewed. False...
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