ISE5021 assignment 1 - ISE 5021 Technology Project...

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ISE 5021 Technology Project Management Assignment 1 KEUNG PUI CHUN 11542353G Question 1 There have four major reasons makes project-oriented organizations have a rapid growth. The first one is speed and market responsiveness are become a must for successful competition, the second one is specialize knowledge from many area should be input when developing a new product, process or service. The third reason is the rapid expansion of technology will makes the organization structure unstable, and the last one is senior managers not feel very confidence in their understanding and control areas. Question 2 There have a high potential of conflicts between functional manager and project manager during a project. After acquiring from resources, the conflicts can divide into seven sources: 1. Time Schedules. The conflicts will arise when dealing with estimation about the time schedule, and the future time is difficult to be predicted with certainty. On the other hand, if the time estimation is take into account, all the possible things
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ISE5021 assignment 1 - ISE 5021 Technology Project...

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