Assign-2011-2 - GENG2140. Assignment 2 Due Date: 9...

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1 GENG2140. Assignment 2 Due Date: 9 September, 5 pm Submission procedure : Please submit: 1. A soft copy (without hand drawings) of your assignment to CSSE via . Your submission should include the following Matlab files: Hilbert.m assg2q2.m assg2q3a.m assg2q3c.m sensitivity.m 2. A hard copy of the assignment (including everything) to the assignment boxes provided by your School. 3. The hard copy must include everything you have done in your assignment, including the results of your program runs and comments on the results obtained. 4. Please keep a copy for yourselves. Note: You do not need to submit the hard copy of your Matlab code with your report. In the following data A1 means the last 3 digits of your 8-digit student number divided by 1000. For instance, for the student number 12345222, A1=222/1000=0.222. 1. For the matrix H 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 3 , called the 2×2 Hilbert matrix, write a Matlab function, function [cond_number, max_val, min_val] = Hilbert(degInc) which plots the images of vectors 2 / 1 2 u that it produces, ie, the function should plot the vectors H 2 u . The parameter, degInc , is the angular increment in degrees of the vectors u . The function should also estimate and return the condition number ( cond_number ) of this matrix by computing the maximum ( max_val ) and minimum values ( min_val ) of 2 2 u H . ( Hint:
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Assign-2011-2 - GENG2140. Assignment 2 Due Date: 9...

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