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Dirt Bike recommendations - University of Phoenix Internet...

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University of Phoenix Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes IT/205 Tony Sines Jason Duquette September 18, 2011
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feel that I may have found some solutions or suggestions to their problems. When it comes to upgrading or implementing technology the cost can become a concern as it is not cheap to get things started. The positive side to this is that the long term cost is small compared to the long term gain the company will have. With the implementation of internet and intranet tools the company can see its sales, marketing, and overall profit increase as their overall expenses decrease. With the use of these tools, employees will now be able to work more efficiently while communicating better to enhance employee and customer satisfaction. Dirt Bikes already offer Internet service to its employees, so I feel that they need to expound on the services they offer. First I would recommend that Dirt Bikes develop an Intranet server for its employees. This will give employees a private and secure network that can only be accessed by employees of the company. With this system it needs to be protected behind a firewall so that information shared in this private network cannot and will not be viewed by outside people. With this network, employees will be able to share sales and marketing information to give them a better understanding to further enhance these facets of business. Since the employees have internet access they can now easily research things like competitor information and market trends that can better enhance their job functions. Human resources will also benefit from a private secure internal network as they can recall personnel files with the click of a button. They
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Dirt Bike recommendations - University of Phoenix Internet...

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