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final paragraph1 - maintain They gave many ideas regarding...

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After reviewing sentence three and sentence five, number five was more effective in getting the point across. An easy read paragraph that gave a strong main idea. From that, the paragraph also had strong supporting factors, which is important in any paragraph. The sentence structures had good rhythm that could keep the reader interested from start to finish. It made good connection with most readers, since mast families cruise through life without at some point struggling with debt. I do not believe many people can avoid debt entirely. The writer explained that the cost of daily living let alone unexpected expenses makes dealing with debt difficult to
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Unformatted text preview: maintain. They gave many ideas regarding why debt is so difficult to avoid. However, it makes one wonder why things like unexpected costs are not included into the budget. He or she knows certain bills have to be paid, so those are put in the budget. Why not do the same for unexpected costs. I know that one cannot know exactly how much they are but having some money built up can definitely spear head the expenses when they occur. Overall, a good paragraph that gave good information as to why debt is so difficult to deal with....
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