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The three challenges that can arise when writing a persuasive essay are time management, paper structure, and editing process. According to the web link video: The Writing Process, time can be a writer’s worst enemy or best friend. Start working on the paper as soon as it is assigned. Waiting to start a paper is never a good idea, for they take time to develop. Another challenge identified is the use of an outline of a paper. This is a chance to get a grasp of what the paper will look like. Giving the writer the chance to see what the topic is and what supporting points will be used. Lastly, develop a working rough draft. Using the outline transferring into sentence form will allow the writer to see how it reads. Read a draft aloud and listening to how it reads. Doing this will allow the writer to see if the rhythm of the paper is good while allowing an opportunity to see if everything flows together and makes sense at the same time. Improving on these challenges can greatly improve the final paper; allowing the writer to
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