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week2assignment - opinions of the reader At the least I am...

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In my paper, I will be taking the position that opposes the Healthcare Reform bill. I am against this bill because there are too many loopholes amongst the writing of the bill. In this case, government covered disability insurance will be gone by 2014, forcing disabled Americans to by private sector insurance policies. However, the government has forced insurance companies to accept customers with pre-existing conditions; these companies have to cover what the government has deemed an essential part of medical coverage. If anyone has had to deal with handicapped or disabled people, those essentials are quite different from the average American. Since disabled individuals have to purchase an insurance policy, they have a need to have some form of income to do so. Many disabled Americans are to handicapped to do so on their own. Forcing loved ones and family members to step up and help provide for them. With any persuasive essay, the goal of the writer is to change the minds and
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Unformatted text preview: opinions of the reader. At the least, I am hoping to generate some creative thinking on a matter that affects every American in this country. Bringing light to a subject that I am sure many Americans know very little about. I hope to have my readers come away with a new mindset that puts a burden in their hearts and minds for the disabled people of this great land. In America, we are to help the weak, frail, and handicapped, giving goodwill to our fellow brethren of our country. Instead with a law like this we will eventually kill off the weak and disabled because if they cannot seek proper medical attention from lack of coverage their well-being in the future is in jeopardy. Therefore, I hope to present a fair and plausible argument that makes the reader see issues in a new manner. Thesis statement In 2010 the United States government passed the Healthcare Reform Bill, changing the face of healthcare coverage in America....
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