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week3assignment - Thesis statement In 2010 The United...

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1. Disabled Americans now have to purchase private sector insurance policies under the new Health Care Reform Bill. A. Most Disabled Americans Have limited or no income to purchase these policies. B. Now that they have to purchase policies, they have to pay more and higher co-pays than what they were use to. . 2. There are loopholes within the bill that allow insurance companies to classify certain coverage. A. Insurance companies only have to provide coverage to what the government classifies as essential services. B. Handicapped citizen’s essential needs differ depending on the disability. 3. Medicaid is now extended to people whom are childless but do not meet the income requirements to buy insurance. A. This takes funding away from the disabled, as the Medicaid program will be stretched even further. B. With larger numbers in the Medicaid program, more and more doctors are leaving the program due to lack of funding.
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Unformatted text preview: Thesis statement: In 2010 The United States Government passed what is known as the Health Care Reform bill, making an already complicated life for disabled Americans more complicated. Though each of these points I feel are important, the fact that disabled Americans have to purchase their own policy is the most troubling about this new law. Many handicapped individuals face financial trouble to begin with, now handicapped people have to worry about purchasing insurance or pay a fine. This is why I put it in the number one slot. I chose to list things from most important to least important, which may or may not be a good strategy. I might juggle things around and put the most powerful point towards the end, as this might give the reader a very strong point to finish with. I also tried to finish each point with a strong supporting sentence as it completes the topic strongly....
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week3assignment - Thesis statement In 2010 The United...

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