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When editing, it is important to use any feedback. With the feedback that was provided to me, I found several things that needed to be edited. Whether it is missing commas ,a disagreement under the pronoun agreement rule, or word usage problems, these items need fixing. Word usage seems to be the biggest problem I have with my writing. Word usage is using words that have no significant impact or are to plain to give proper understanding. In my paper I used the word being, which Writepoint informed me that when it is not referred to Human being then I should look to use other words. When editing my paper I chose to write the sentence without the word being, giving it a clearer presentation. Mistakes like spelling and other grammatical errors are important to be edited now so it is not in the final paper. All of these changes will put my essay one-step closer to a product. Revision is another important tool to writing an essay. The feedback that I received on my draft has several revision suggestions that need to be made. I have to look closer to
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