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week6assignment - Treating the Pain to End Life by Marc...

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Treating the Pain to End Life by Marc Siegal was the essay that I chose to read. First, let me say I chose this essay because I am against the chosen topic. I figured I would have an easier time judging the essay if I was not strongly in favor of it. I thought the essay had good written information, and it did get me thinking on the topic. With the way Mr. Siegal portrayed his case, it left me developing sympathy for the doctors that try to uphold their duties. Understanding as a doctor must one prolong life and two ease suffering.( Siegal M. 2006) I can see the fears doctors have if they can be prosecuted according to law. Sometimes people reach a medical state where prolonged life is not possible, so medication helps to ease suffering. I still believe I am against assisted suicide though I do believe the manner in which Dr. Siegal carried out is acceptable and common practice amongst the medical field. I thought the author did a great job in relaying some facts while throwing in personal accounts. Most times a persuasive essay
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