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Welcome to WritePoint, the automated review system that recognizes errors most commonly made by university students in academic essays. The system embeds comments into your paper and suggests possible changes in grammar and style. Please evaluate each comment carefully to ensure that the suggested change is appropriate for your paper, but remember that your instructor's preferences for style and format prevail. You will also need to review your own citations and references since WritePoint capability in this area is limited. Thank you for using WritePoint. In 2010, the United States Government passed a law known as the Health Care Reform Bill, changing the lives of disabled Americans forever. Up until now, insurance coverage was completely governed [The passive voice is a form of "be" (was) and a participle (governed). Over-use of the passive voice can make paragraphs officious and tedious to read. Try to use the active voice most often; for example, passive voice = The paper was completed on time. Active voice = the student completed the paper on time--See Center for Writing Excellence > Tutorials & Guides > Grammar & Writing Guides > Active & passive voice] by the private
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sector market. Now, [Avoid using "now" merely as a thought-word implying "in this case" "in that view," etc. If you mean literally "At this time," remove the comma after "Now"] that [Remove comma before "that" preceding a restrictive phrase (otherwise replace "that" with "which")] is not the case as the federal government has now ["Now" is a difficult word. Because this is being read some time after you wrote it, "now" is ambiguous--do you mean at the time you were writing? When was that? If you mean "as of the present time" (Since the revolution, George is now king), you can simply leave out "now" = Since the revolution, George is king. If the time or date is important, fill it in] taken control of the insurance market. For the average non-disabled citizen, this bill will do well because the big money insurance companies can no longer create the rules that determine coverage. However, to the disabled American this bill imposes some problems. Issues regarding deductibles, adequate coverage, and an underfunded program are now things [Vague--"things" or "stuff" are wording gimmicks to avoid further description] that a disabled citizen will have to worry about, [Remove comma if the following is not a complete clause] while managing their [Check pronoun agreement--if "their" refers to "citizen" (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (his or her)]
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week7assignmentwritepoint - Welcome to WritePoint the...

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