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Definitions are something I will not incorporate into my final essay because as a reader I am not a fan of definitions. To me they seem to drag the flow of a paper down, which can hinder the influence a persuasive essay can have. I was able to write my essay using common terms so definitions were not required. Definitions also do not fit into the content of my paper so they would have really hindered the reader’s ability to comprehend the subject matter of my essay. However, definitions can be effect within papers content; they would have stood out over the issues being displayed. I think without the use of definitions persuasive essays can still be effective as long as the issues are portrayed in a factual, credible manner. Compare and contrast has an effective use when writing a persuasive essay. They allow
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Unformatted text preview: the writer to portray both sides of the arguments with highlights on the side of the argument that the writer wants to get across. I do not use this method as much as I could but I did put in some comparisons and contrasts within my essay. Anytime you try to persuade the mindset of a reader, it is important to display information from the other side. Your persuasion is more effective when a reader sees that you are not just trying to bash the other side of the argument. It allows a somewhat unbiased outcome to the essay because your points are not just constantly bashing the other side of the argument. After learning more about this method of writing, I will look deeper into my essay to see if I can incorporate this method a little more than I have because it can be so effective in changing a person’s mind....
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