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CE4130 Transportation Safety 1 CE4130/7130 Transportation Safety: Introduction and Motivation (aka Death & Gloom Lecture) CE4001 Transportation Safety 2 Introduction and Motivation { Create the general context for transportation safety { Provide motivation and outline needs { Accentuate particular areas { Paint the larger picture CE4001 Transportation Safety 3 Selected Sources { Leonard Evans (2004) Traffic Safety. Science Serving Society. Bloomfield, Michigan. { Missouri Division of Highway Safety. Missouri Blueprint for Safer Roads z http://www.savemolives.org/ CE4001 Transportation Safety 4 History of Traffic Fatalities { How many people die due to traffic crashes per year? { In the US? { Around the world? { What is the traffic fatality trend? { How about recently? How does the rest of the world affect US traffic fatalities? CE4001 Transportation Safety 5 Traffic Fatalities { >1M fatalities/yr. in the world { ~40k fatalities/yr. in US { Traffic fatality peaked at 54,589 in 1972, total per year fairly stable now. { Some indication that higher gas prices, tough economy -> fewer fatalities (less, and slower) CE4001 Transportation Safety 6 Fatalities per year in US and China
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CE4001 Transportation Safety 7 Case - China { Can someone explain the steep increase of fatalities in China? CE4001 Transportation Safety 8 Rapid Motorization { Even though no one knows what the future holds… z steep increase in China similar to steep increase in the US during the 1920s due to rapid motorization. CE4001 Transportation Safety 9 More Sobering US Stats { In a typical month, more Americans die in traffic than in 9/11. { More teenagers are killed on a typical day (e.g. 16.3 in 2002) than Columbine shootings { # 1 cause of death for teens is car crashes. CE4001 Transportation Safety
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8_25_11_1_introduction - CE4130/7130 Transportation Safety...

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