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8_30_11_2_stats_a1_intro - A Note on Class Slides CE4130...

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CE4001 Transportation Safety 1 CE4130 Transportation Safety: Review of Statistics CE4001 Transportation Safety 2 A Note on Class Slides Class slides are different from a formal presentation: - 15x2 or ~30 lectures during the semester - Translated from previous lecture notes - Should not be a template for your presentations - Better instructions will be given for your topic presentations CE4001 Transportation Safety 3 Preliminaries { I am assuming that all of you have had some background in statistics: z Ugrads: CE3010 Decision methods z Grads: stat class from ugrad or currently taking grad stats Review is not comprehensive, but a quick refresher on the most important concepts of statistics for transportation safety. CE4001 Transportation Safety 4 Selected References { Keller and Warrack (1997) Statistics for Management and Economics. Duxbury Press. { Transportation Research Board. (2001) Statistical Techniques in Highway Safety Analysis. NCHRP Synthesis 295. http://trb.org/publications/nchrp/nchrp_syn_ 295.pdf { StatSoft, Inc. (2003) Distribution Tables. http://www.statsoft.com/textbook/sttable.ht ml . CE4001 Transportation Safety 5 Terminology Statistical terms : { Population { Parameter { Sample { Statistic Warning: multiple def’s apply to this, even in the context of stats. Watch the context! CE4001 Transportation Safety 6 Population { a set of all items of interest , does not necessarily have to refer to people { (e.g. all cars that travel on I-70 through Columbia)
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CE4001 Transportation Safety 7 Parameter { descriptive measure of the population { (e.g. average: traffic flow, speed, headways) CE4001 Transportation Safety 8 Sample { set of data drawn from the population, or a subset of the population z Typically we want samples to be representative of the entire population (more later in inference) { (e.g. cars that traveled on I-70 through Columbia between 4pm and 5pm on Wednesday) CE4001 Transportation Safety 9 Statistic { descriptive measure of the sample { (e.g. average: traffic flow, speed or headway on I-70 4-5pm on Monday) CE4001 Transportation Safety 10 Terminology Illustrated Discover6sigma 2009 CE4001 Transportation Safety 11 Quick Def. Check What is the parameter, sample and statistic if the population is “annual traffic fatalities in MO 2000- 2009” {
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