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GEOG 1101 Final Study Guide - Review Guide for the Final...

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Review Guide for the Final Test Chapter 6 – Sub Saharan Africa 1. What vegetation zones are supported by the major river systems of Sub Saharan Africa? Tropical Rain Forests (Congo river) 2. ***Know the location of the countries of Sub Saharan Africa in relation to the sub regions they are located in. For instance, Kenya is located in East Africa. 3. ***Know the names and locations of the major rivers of Sub Saharan Africa. The Nile, the Niger, the Zambezi, the Congo. 4. Who fought in the Boer War and where did it take place? Were two wars fought between the United Kingdom and Belgium (Dutch). 5. ***Where are the major deserts of Africa in terms of relative location? In the north (Sahara) and the south (Kalahari). 6. What basic landform makes up the majority of Botswana? By the Kalahari Desert 7. What is the impact of tourism on Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique? Kenya’s economy is based on tourism. 8. What would be considered the Lingua Franca of East Africa? French 9. ***What colonial powers controlled what regions of Africa? P306 (1950), p312 (regions). 10. What country was established by former American slaves? Liberia 11. The African Transition Zone is also called the Sahel. What are some of the other characteristics of this area? Islamic transition center, where Islam stops. Chapter 8 – South Asia 1. ***What are the major rivers of South Asia and what countries do they flow through? Brahmaputra (Bangladesh), Ganges(India& Bangladesh), Indus (Pakistan), Krishna (India). 2. ***What are the tree main physical characteristics of the cone portion of South Asia? & Western Gants (Mountain), Deccan Plateau, Eastern Gants (Mountain).
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3. What is the caste system, what religion is it a part of, and what are the four names for the major castes? In Hinduism, the castes are fixed layers in society whose ranks are based on ancestries, family ties and occupations. Bhramin (highest-priests)->Kshatryia (Warriors)->Viasya (Merchants, Landowners)- > Sudra (commoners, peasants, servants)… Outcast-Out of Caste- Untouchable (street sweepers, latrine cleaners) 4. What power invaded South Asia in the 10 th Century AD? Islam 5. Compare the arithmetic population density and the physiologic density of India?
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GEOG 1101 Final Study Guide - Review Guide for the Final...

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