GEOG 1101 MIDTERM terms

GEOG 1101 MIDTERM terms - EUROPE 1 The student will have an...

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EUROPE 1. The student will have an understanding of Europe’s relative location in relation to the rest of the world. 2. The student will know the difference between irredentist, balkanization, centripetal, and centrifugal forces as they relate to the impact on nations. Balkanization : denotes the recurrent division and fragmentation of the Balkan Peninsula (to any other place too). (Montenegro over Serbia) Centrifugal forces : identify and measure the strength of divisive stresses which may result from political, religious, racial, linguistic or regional factors. Irredentism : a policy of cultural extension and political expansion by a state aimed at a community living in a neighboring state. (Hungry over Romania) Centripetal forces : measure the forces that bind, unify or glue a state. 3. What are some of the major primate cities of Europe? Is the country’s largest city; the most expressive of the national culture and usually the capital city as well. (Paris, London, Rome, Madrid) 4. What are the definitions of devolution, conurbation, and supranational? Devolution : The process whereby regions between a state demand and gain political strength and growing autonomy at the expense of the central government. (Scotland, Wales, Catalonia, Galicia) Conurbation : is a large multi metropolitan complex formed by the coalescence of 2 or more major urban areas. (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague) Supranational : is a venture involving 3 or more states political, economic, and/or cultural cooperation to promote shared objectives. (European Union, NAFTA, Mercosur) 5. Know the major rivers for transportation in Western and Eastern Europe. Western : Rhine, Thames, Po, Seine. Eastern
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GEOG 1101 MIDTERM terms - EUROPE 1 The student will have an...

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