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2 - 215-222 Applications of the Rogerian Viewpoint...

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215-222 Applications of the Rogerian Viewpoint: Humanistic therapies. Humanistic therapies deal with conscious (rather than unconscious) thoughts and with present (rather than past) occurrences and are conducted with goals of client growth and fulfillment. Person-centered therapy: o Carl Rogers developed person-centered therapy and advocated a warm, supportive environment ( unconditional positive regard) in which a person feels completely accepted, can reveal true feelings, and can thus experience self-growth (an increase in self-esteem). o Rogers suggested that people grow up in a world in which there are conditions of worth (that is, they learn that they will be rewarded only if they meet certain conditions and standards imposed by others), a situation that may result in low self-esteem. Rogers stressed the need for therapists to use empathy, identification with their clients. Empathic understanding. A further element that establishes a climate for self-
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