3 - Basic assumptions Third force Positive view on...

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SUMMARY OF PAGES 223-230 Q-Sort Technique Designed to systematically assess the way people perceive themselves through the use of a set of self-descriptive statements Self-ideal sort Individual is asked first to perform a self sort (individual sorts the statements according to how he or she perceives himself or herself now) then individual performs ideal sort (sorts statements into piles on basis of ideal person he wants to be) sense traits have numbers, you can calculate r. Higher correlation greater degree of similarity btwn way individual sees himself and way he wants to be seen and personality adjustment Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Emphasis on research and the person Impacted many areas Limitations Emphasis on Subjective Experience Theoretical Simplicity Person-Centered Therapy as a Technique Maslow’s Motivational Perspective: Meeting the Needs of the Person
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Unformatted text preview: Basic assumptions Third force Positive view on individual; emphasis on unconscious processes and the behaviorist emphasis on environmental controls on behavior being the two other forces Emphasis on healthy personality Looked at the most emotionally healthy individuals that could be found Motivational nature of personality Process of motivation involves individuals constantly seeking to meet a variety of interrelated biological and psychological needs Basic concepts State of self-actualization: peoples attempts to reach their full potential by using their talents and abilities to the fullest extent while trying to achieve personal growth, satisfaction, and fulfillment Categories of needs Deficiency needs: lower, basic, needed for survival, more important, greater influence on behavior Being needs: higher, desire for wisdom and aesthetics...
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3 - Basic assumptions Third force Positive view on...

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