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5 - Identify with humankind Feel they are part of the...

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Pages 239-246 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: o o o Self Actualizers (characteristics) Are Realistically oriented - they set realistic goals and expectations for themselves, others and the natural world. They are non-defensive and accept themselves, others and the natural world as they are. Are spontaneous and true to themselves Are autonomous and independent. Resist conformity to the culture or to others' opinions but are NOT rebellious for rebelliousness sake! Have generally had peak experiences - profound mystical or spiritual (although not necessarily religious) experiences.
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Unformatted text preview: Identify with humankind. Feel they are part of the universe. Tend to have profoundly intimate relationships with a few specially loved people rather than superficial relationships with many. Have a philosophical rather than hostile sense of humor. Are highly creative. o Peak experiences: peak experiences are sudden feelings of intense happiness and well-being, possibly the awareness of an "ultimate truth" and the unity of all things . .. the experience fills the individual with wonder and awe. ...he feels at one with the world, and is pleased with it . ..."...
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