8 - • 3 Superfactors – o Ext/Int o...

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Pages 265-272 Allport’s View of personality: Definitions from the book o o o Theorists: Allport had both Humanist and trait theories Generalized personality dispositions that account for regularities in the functioning of a person across situations over time. They are based in the nervous system and hormones. potentially limitless number of traits: o Cardinal, Central, Secondary Dispositions- identified via ideographic research Eysenck – hated all psychodynamic theories; emphasized the biological components of personality. believes that genetics are the primary determinate of personality, although he thinks conditioning also plays a role The most fundamental dimensions of individual differences that are defined via Factor Analysis. Descriptions of consistent patterns in the way individuals behave, think, and feel that are based on biological predispositions (Also true for Catell)
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Unformatted text preview: • 3 Superfactors – o Ext/Int., o Stability (neuroticism), o Psychoticism (loner; overtly hostile; disregards social conventions, including being cruel; are seen as “peculiar.” • Cattell – discussed the importance of using several research methodologies, and types of data to prove your theory. • 16 Traits–Source and Surface Traits. Source =Ability, Temperament, Dynamic • ability (how skilled someone is in a particular situation), Ex. = Reasoning, vigilance, intelligence, abstractedness •-temperament (the general manner or style of a person’s behavior, especially as it relates to the emotional life of the person), (Ex.= Tension, Perfectionism, Warmth, Social boldness, and Apprehension) and •-dynamic (motivations and types of goals one has) Ex. = Dominance, Rule-Consciousness...
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8 - • 3 Superfactors – o Ext/Int o...

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