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Pages 281-289 Eysenck’s Trait Viewpoint: Behavioral acts and dispositions Levels Generality Example Specific response Least General A person may buy food, telephone a friend, or move furniture Habitual Response Less general A person may give a lot of parties, and each time he does so he may go shopping for food and drinks, telephone friends to invite them, and rearrange his furniture to accommodate a crowd. Trait More general Someone not only gives a party frequently but is often seen with groups of people, is the campus salesperson for The New York Times and is planning a career in career of sociability, inasmuch as he appears to choose activities that involve his with other people Type Most General
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Unformatted text preview: A person's sociability is combined with tendencies to be venturesome, lively, and the like, we might further hypothesize that he is on the extravert side of the extraversion-introversion dimension Extreme scores on the traits A person who is high on Psychoticism, according to Eysencks research, has an inherited VULNERABILITY to psychotic disorder, but may not in fact succumb to a psychotic illness. Instead, a High Psychoticsim scorer, if also high in stability and extroversion, may develop, instead, a pattern of antisocial or criminal behavior. A High Psychoticism scorer who is low in stability and introverted may develop, instead, a psychotic illness....
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