PLIR Chapters Mid Term

PLIR Chapters Mid Term - Summer 2003 #72, p85-94 Strongly...

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PLIR Chapters Mid Term Cohn, GPE, pp 1-18, 19-22 Schwartz, ch. 8 Cohn, GPE, pp 22-51, 52-72, 132-147 Benjamin Cohen, “The Triad and the Unholy Trinity,” In R. Higgott, etal., Pacific Economic Relations in the 1990s pp.133-158 Cohn, pp 77-98, 103-122, 148-167 Schwartz, ch. 9 Cohn, ch 7 Schwartz, ch 12 C. Ford Runge, “Agrivation: The Farm Bill from Hell,” The National Interest
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Unformatted text preview: Summer 2003 #72, p85-94 Strongly recommended: Kathleen McNamara, A rivalry in the making? The Euro and international monetary power, Review of International Political Economy 15:3 August 2008: 439459 SCHWARTZ Chapters 8 9 12 COHEN chapters: Chapter 7 Page segment 1 Page segment 2 Page segment 3...
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