PLIR SESSION 1 - • Institutions how do you make this...

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Realism: Hobbes: Power is what matters Neo-liberal institutionalism: Wealth is what matters Constructivism: Rosseau: Relations between states are driven by honor, status and standing Max webber class statu Exchange is central, voluntary aimed at maximizing wealth; the central problem is assuring efficient allocation; exchange and producton are private matters PLIR Session 2 Social power comes from organizing people Individuals can do little as only themselves Organizations endue o Three critical tasks for organizations Ideas ( concepts for control) Interests (political coalitions) Institution (state capacity) Ideas: What people think they are doing . Interests: what did actors want from the economy and economic institutions?
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Unformatted text preview: • Institutions: how do you make this happen? Pre-World War I economy • Britain: world’s largest navy could block trade or enable it o Were first to industrialize • Global security starting to break down o During the war, the gold standard was out on time out Questions: 1. Restore capitalism (US, UK, France) 2. Anti-Imperialism (india, china, US, Mexico) 3. Catholic Corporatism a. Central Europe total chaos b. 10% of males are dead c. 4. Communism 5. Fascism 6. Build new empire 1920’s • No stable security system o Can Germany be reintegrated as a peaceful nation? o Can japan be intefrated as a peaceful nation? o Can Russia / USSR be contained? o No stable durable solutions o...
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PLIR SESSION 1 - • Institutions how do you make this...

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